Practical Lessons


…and the children have too much time on their hands.  The last thing they want is more lessons.  So you have to make learning fun.   What a great time to get kids away from the TV and electronic devices so you can give them some hands on lessons.  My mother was always saying to us as we grew up, “Praise the Lord, and Pass The Ammunition”.  In other words (for you that do not understand Southerner talk), you have won a battle, but you need more ammunition for the war.  Raising your children is a spiritual warfare,  satan wants them, but he cannot have them.  Arm yourself.

I have many favorite lessons I want to share.  They are adaptable for many ages from toddler to young adult.  They are never too young or too old, remember satan does not wait for them to get old enough and he certainly never quits trying to teach them new tricks.

Click on any title and arm your children with truth.

(NOTE:  These are excerpts from my book, and are copyrighted – see copyright notice on blog :-D)

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