Who is the Creator?

The Creator – God Omnipotent

This is one of my all time favorites and so easy and inexpensive. Depending on your child’s age you can make this as simple as, “God made you” to “there is no way evolution is possible, God is Omnipotent and the Creator.”  After they try to create, you can walk around the yard or local park and really look at things (it is great if the little one’s have those plastic magnifiers).  Help them see the wonder of creation and not just take it for granted.  Show them how awesome their Creator is and all that He did in creating them.

What you’ll need:

  1. Small pack of colored clay strips:  You can go into any party store or superstore party-ware aisle where they sell inexpensive favors and pick up the mini pack of clay that comes in four little strips of varying colors.  My WalMart always has them.
  2. Place-mats to work on:  You can use wax paper, pieces of cardboard or any washable surface
  3. Plastic fork, spoon and or knife (for designing and carving)

Now sit down at a table with your child and both of you make something, anything.  Talk to them about how God created everything in the beginning.  Talk to them about what a creator is and that truly the only real creator was God.  As they make something it will imitate something they have seen, so they have copied, not created.  In truth man has never created anything but imitated everything from one of God’s creations.

We are cloners at best.  Many children try to make a unique animal as their own inventive, but it will have eyes (God made those), sometimes a nose, ears, many legs … they are copying.  Everything we make is a copy of something in His creation.  Even our computers are pitiful imitations of the way the brain works.

Your child will be exposed to evolution at school.  They need to be guarded with the truth.  If they have been taught about evolution, and depending on the child’s age, ask them questions about how evolution is possible?  Which came first, the blood or the heart?  The lungs are the blood? The skin or the muscles?  Depending on what part of biology they have had, this will open their mind to how unbelievable it is for something to evolve from nothing.  Explain that adaptation to environment and evolution are not the same thing.  Help your child understand how marvelous and all-powerful God really is as they see that they can create nothing, but can imitate everything that God created.  Help them see that as part of God’s creation we are to care for all that God created.  Help them understand how truly special mankind is to God in that He made us in His imagine.  Genesis 1:27

It is very important that you seek resources and arm yourself with the truth.  Satan has armed his liars with ‘facts’ to back up his teachings that are being taught to your children every where they turn in the world.  You can not just tell them, because I said so, every time they are asking, especially when it deals with spiritual things.  And sadly, saying, “because God says so and I believe it” does not always settle the inquiring young minds.  I have found that the Focus on the Family site has many sources for help.  Here is one good one: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/spiritual_growth_for_kids/sharing_the_gospel_with_your_children/what_do_i_say.aspx

Your children are never too old to learn and they will never quit asking questions.  Be armed.

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