But, God

But, God. The giraffes never doubt. One step in front t if the other, God meets their needs.

Seven years ago…

06/014/2015 ~ God trusts you. He is all-knowing and because He is all-knowing, He knows what you can handle. So what you are going through is what He is allowing, His allowing it means He knows that you are going to have the victory and come out a stronger and better Christian on the other side. So, when you wish you knew what was going to happen next during your rough seas, you do. You don’t have to know what, when, where or why; you know Who. ~ blessings, Renee’

One week later I was airflighted and given a 15% chance.

But, GOD.
God is still on His throne! God is still in Control! Nothing surprises Him!
God cares!
God loves you!
God has a plan!
You can trust Him!

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