In Awe of Motherhood

Honoring Moms

Growing up we went out to the front yard before church and selected a red rose to wear to church. Pinned over our heart, the rose was a symbol of honor to our mother. We always took extra roses and pins to church for others who did not have rose bushes. Mom and dad wore white ones in honor of their mothers in Heaven. Sadly the tradition is all but lost. I cling to these traditions, the honor and respect of motherhood. A simple red or white flower over the heart was a quiet, simple symbol of honor. Some churches hand out a rainbow of carnations to each female after church; a remnant of what once pointed to honoring motherhood. An all inclusive approach lessens the value of honor.

Motherhood is a blessing

Society has devalued and degraded motherhood. Tabloids, social media and photo apps exploit motherhood showing bared bodies with captions of look at my bump, my peanut, look at this bulge. Sadly, young women of faith have bought into the culture of its all about me. Instead of setting the bar, they except the lower one.

Our culture has lost the awe and wonder of motherhood. We lost the meaning of mother, mom. The whole attitude has changed to selfishness from selflessness. Once mothers placed everyone in their family ahead of themselves. Sadly, many have their looks, programs, groups and activities higher on the list than the blessings that gave them the title of mother. Slowly, the awe of motherhood has left our culture.

Young mothers discuss their bodies, compare size. They talk of ‘me time’, and how to not lose yourself in motherhood. They are more concerned with their appearance than the health of their child. The mother in-line ahead of you is groomed and adorned with the height of fashion. They try to protect their manicure and pedicure, fresh from the spa. They stand with their child in clothes too small, hair and clothes unkempt, and dirty nails. They smack the hand that reaches for candy saying there is no money for treats. The concept of selflessness long lost if ever known.

Sacrificial love, losing oneself in the care of another is Christlike. Motherhood should be the epitome of showing Christ’s love for another. Christ showed no self. His thoughts were of others while dying on the cross.

Selflessness. Motherhood. Honor. Awe. If we as Christians cannot display the respect and reverence of God’s creation, how can we expect the world around us to value life. Abortions, 876,000 a year. We cannot devalue the birth of a child and in its wake the value of motherhood. We distract the world on one hand and reference bulge, bump, peanut and yet decry abortion. What if we showed them the awe of God’s creation and the selflessness of motherhood instead? What if we returned to awe and respect of mothers and their blessings?

Motherhood, in awe of God’s blessings.

Proverbs 31:30 NASB “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain,

But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”

In AWE of Mothers and motherhood,

Renee’ Green 2020 2020


If you go to the beach (or watch an awards show) you should be shocked.  I do not just get shocked but disgusted.   shock1Bikinis and thongs do not belong on anyone much less expectant women.

What does it take to shock you?  What bothers your sensitivities?  What makes you stand up and speak for the Lord?  Sadly, most Christians now are taking the low road … don’t want to be confrontational.  Well, today I’m being confrontational.  Getting up on my soapbox as it were.   Many will cry out over the Right to Life, but we do not want the microscope on the real issue … Christians.  That’s right.  Men and women who sit back and do not want to say anything until it’s a full-blown issue.

Let’s take the microscope to the heart of the matter.  That would be the Christian heart, where we allowed satan’s* big toe in to worm in his big foot and then take over.  Former generations called it “winking at sin”.   So how  did we get so far away from valuing life?

Look back to the Old Testament.  The command was issued because there were those that sacrificed their first-born to the idol in hopes of future prosperity.

Leviticus 18:21(NASB) You shall not give any of your offspring to offer them to Molech, nor shall you profane the name of your God; I am the Lord.”

Barbaric right? But, wait … is that not what modern women do?  Put off by abortion a child for the sake of a better career, further education, travel, money considerations, or just plain inconvenient? Is that any less sacrificing of a life to an “idol”.  How, did we get so far in modern times to viewing life so meaningless.   Christians.  We allowed it, we took on the world’s views and devalued life ourselves.  We did not walk worthy of our high calling and set the bar high, a light in the world.

Ephesians 4:1b-2a “…walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness,”

Okay here comes the part you are not going to like.  If you are walking in a manner worthy of your high calling, in humility and gentleness, then you are treating life and motherhood with the utmost reverence and respect.  The world is not going to respect life if we do not by our actions and words … our lingo should not be the world’s and our dress should not be the world’s.


  • Motherhood is a gift from God … a M I R A C L E.  That’ is why it is called the miracle of  LIFE!
  • That miracle is a BABY, A MIRACLE, not a “peanut on an ultrasound” a “bump” in a picture.
  • Motherhood is NOT about YOU.  It is about the precious LIFE God is giving you as a gift for you to be the STEWARD of, not shame.
  • Baby bump pictures, exposed belly’s are NOT “with all humility and gentleness”, not to mention modesty.
  • Help the expectant mothers you know in taking the stand to be Christlike and not world like as they prepare to care for their Gift from God.
  • Let the world see Christians treating motherhood and life with awe and respect as God intended instead of “trendy”.

Proverbs 31: 10  Who  can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.”

vir·tu·ous  adj 1. Having or showing virtue, especially moral excellence: led a virtuous life.2. Possessing or characterized by chastity; pure: a virtuous woman. See Synonyms at moral.

Will you stand in Christ, or follow the world to be “cool and trendy”.  Will you write this blog off as an old woman out of touch with the now and today?  Or, will you seek Him in how you can be a light to someone about Life through respect of His creation and miracles?

*satan, devil – I know people capitalize the “S” or “D” but, I don’t.  I refuse to give him any status of importance.  He’s a snake, so satan, devil, etc. are lower case, as he is one.