Epidemic or Pandemic?

I live in an area of Seniors+. Some are so afraid, literally being scared to death. I tell them to turn off the news.

I am not a conspiracy theory person. I do not fall for them. I like facts, literal facts. I consider and evaluate circumstances based on facts.

I want to share facts about epidemics and pandemics to give the frightened a common denominator for comparison. The panicking of people by the media needs to stop. The hoarding needs to stop. While common sense isn’t common, people need to think before they sensationalize facts. Unfortunately, yellow journalism sells better.

Report facts. Don’t editorialize, don’t scare. Facts. People can deal with facts. Instruct, teach but, don’t fear monger. Enough is enough.

FACT: The difference between an epidemic and an pandemic is simply a wider spread of an illness. In other words, cases reported in more areas. It is not number of cases. Literally, a pandemic can have fewer deaths than a concentrated epidemic (fewer areas and/or localized to one country).

Historical FACTS on previous pandemics to give you a common denominator for evaluating current facts:

Black Plague 1346-1351

Also known as the Bubonic plague, or Black Death. Originated in East Asia in early 1340’s, transferred along the Silk Road trade routes. It was then carried by fleas on mice that boarded merchant ships in China and bit sailors. Ships landed in Mediterranean ports; sailors spread the disease as they and people they infected traveled up and through all of Europe. It is estimated that 75 to 200 million people died in Eurasia. Unsanitary conditions. Poor health care and lack of medical knowledge was a lot of the problem.

1918 – Spanish Flu (misnamed, it did not come from Spain). 17-50 million died worldwide (may be as high as 100 million) from complications (more than the 16 million WWI deaths at the same time). Reporting varied so it is hard to have a true estimate. Troops moved all over. No origin is for sure. However, it was one of two H121 human virus’ outbreaks. The 2nd was the Swine FLU of 2009. (See note below).

1957-58 Asian FLU –

Type A H2N2 virus. Avian flu (which had been around a long time) met a human flu and mutated. Reports of 1st cases were in E Asia in Feb of ‘57. Arrived in US that summer via travelers. Infected school kids just as school started back. Kids started to school and it spread. 70,000 Americans died. 1-3 million died worldwide. Quarantines were done where needed, mainly ports. Local authorities decided and some did not quarantine because they wanted sailors at the local bars to increase revenue. There was no fear mongering, no mandatory closings. Modern hygiene had already developed. It went dormant and mutated.

1968 Hong Kong Flu

H3N2, was a mutation of Asian flu (mentioned above and mutated from Avian flu). 1-4 million deaths worldwide. I spent two weeks in bed. It was nasty. Again, no quarantine. Media reported facts. Common sense instructions used. No hoarding, fear mongering, hype. Facts. No panic, closings or quarantines. No market crash.

1975 Lymes Disease

Per CDC Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States. Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and rarely, Borrelia mayonii. It is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected blacklegged ticks. The first recorded case of Lyme Disease is described by physician Alfred Buchwald in Breslau, Germany in 1883. Each year, approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported to CDC by state health departments and the District of Columbia. They admit it is a low number because all cases are not reported. No quarantines. No fear mongering. Common sense cautions. No hoarding or market crashes. Just facts each year.

Legionnaires’ Disease 1976

Legionnaire’s disease, it is not an influenza virus. But needs to be in the list because of impact. Bacteria called Legionella causes Legionnaire’s. 1st cases were actually in 1973 in Spain due to a hotel’s shower pipes. It is a type of pneumonia. Bacteria grows in moist areas like old AC ducts at the Legions convention. It can also grow in unkept pools, spas, hot tubs. The convention brought it to the attention of the world. Still active if not using proper cleaning. Less than 2000(?)cases reported in over 4 decades worldwide(?). You have to be exposed to water source. Not contagious. Quarantines to specific outbreaks only. Facts. Caution. Common sense. No hoarding, panic, market crashing.

Flu Epidemics: Bird Flu 1997 and 1999

There were two outbreaks of the avian or bird flu (H5N1) in 1997 and in 1999, but neither turned out to be flu epidemics. Facts. Caution. No panics, quarantines, market

2002-2003 SARS

(acute respiratory syndrome) is not a flu. Though both are contagious diseases, they are different viruses. SARS is viral and was caused by a new coronavirus(common cold). The first cases were found in Asia during the winter of 2003. Again. Quarantines where specifically needed. No panics, hoarding, closures, market crashes. FACTS.

Flu Epidemics: 2009-2010

The H1N1 sometimes called swine flu. It spread throughout the world. The first U.S. case was diagnosed in April 2009. It first appeared in Mexico. I pig farmer’s kid contacted from swine. The swine got it from birds (avian flu, always around). This flu epidemic is important in the history of flu because it taught the world about flu facts. According to the CDC, 43 to 89 million people contracted H1N1 within a year of 1st cases, and 8,900 to 18,000 people died (testing and reporting differences). I spent two weeks getting acquainted with it. My youngest daughter also contracted at college in a different state.

I have not contacted a flu since 2009 (no flu shots, but Hong Kong and Swine = antibodies. (Scientists have noted that those who had Asian flu did not contract get Hong Kong flu).

2019 COVID19

This leads us to coronavirus 2019 (COVID19). Coronavirus’ come every year, hence the “19” in ID. It is the common cold. No cure. This one is on steroids. Started in Asia as early as October. First cases reported in December. Most likely already in US by then. I have know several who had horrid colds and even pneumonia but, no tests then. Another mutation of coronavirus, not a surprise. So do a common denominator and fact check per CDC:

“As of early March, the coronavirus outbreak had infected more than 100,000 people and killed more than 3,000 globally, the majority in China, where the illness was first detected in December. More than 750 people in the United States have been diagnosed, including at least 25 people who have died.

By comparison, influenza

— known as the common flu — has infected as many as 45 million Americans since October and killed as many as 46,000 according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Our flu season began in October in the US. No media hype. No fear mongering. No panic. No quarantines. No hoarding. No market crash.

So, all the media needed to do was evoke common sense practices. Educate, not panic. Stay calm. They cannot run amuck for much longer. Yes, cases will continue to be reported through summer. Common sense hygiene will limit spread, like any flu or cold season. Nothing has changed from previous years.

As a Christian I know God is in control and satan* cannot stand it. God has won the war and satan* keeps fighting, still has dominion (that God gave him because man listened to him) over the world’s actions. The devil wants to try to keep churches suppressed and to try and destroy the one country founded on Judea-Christian teachings: One Nation Under God. In God we trust.

Crash the market through fear. Hoarding. Limit supplies. It is an agenda that satan promotes through all too willing pawns. No agenda happened at start of flu season or previous more devastating epidemics and pandemics. Suddenly one was needed within two weeks of a China trade deal signing that would boost America’s economy. Not a coincidence and this not a conspiracy theory. It is simply a fact. Look at the history of pandemics. This coronavirus , though serious, is not new or news. It is the mutation cycle. Why is there fear mongering, hype, sensationalizing? It needs to stop. Quit scaring people, especially the elderly and chronically infirm. Stick to facts. Stop the drama. Be responsible. Demonstrate, educate and encourage common sense cations and practices.

The agenda is satan’s* and he has way too many willing pawns. Yes, satan* has tried through the ages, and is still trying, to destroy worship by God’s people. Trying. Not succeeding. Real worship services are still scheduled. Maybe via YouTube, PodCasts or even Drive-In Style services in church parking lots. One church rented a local drive-in theater, people worshipping in their private cars yet gathering together. People accustom you weekend drive-in flea markets may see cars and drive in to service. Neighbors if Drive is ad church parking lots will hear sermons. People will stumble across YouTube, Podcasts and social media sermons. And God will smile as satan* stomps his disgusted feet. While satan* has dominion God gave him of our world, God is still in control. God is still on His throne. He cares. He loves us. He is not surprised by any of this. He has a plan. We can trust Him.

*lower case because he is one


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