2019 and God Has Not Changed

As in so many years previous, (as lawbreakers shooting off fireworks kept my weary body awake) I asked the Lord for an easy year. The past 10 had been so hard. But, this past year was hard too, if not harder.

The reality is, life is hard. Circumstances beyond your control surround and almost crush you. As I look back over these past 10 years, life happened. And there were more valleys than mountain top circumstances.

The one truth is, there’s always been one set of footprints, never two. He’s always carried me or I would have never made it through. The mountain tops are the heights your spirit is in on His shoulders as His feet trudges through the valley your current circumstances take you through.

He allows life to happen. He doesn’t ask you to go it on your own. It’s hard to let go and let God. But, oh, when you do….

This year, I ask again Him to carry me where He wants. He has a plan. He’s still on the throne. He’s still in control. He loves me and cares for me. Nothing’s going to surprise Him and catch Him off guard. I can trust Him.

Happy New Year! Trust, obey. ~ RBG

4 thoughts on “2019 and God Has Not Changed

  1. Thanks Renee for this message! And as we recite His Faithfulness to us in this past year and before I am learning that this strengthens my faith in Our Faithful Heavenly Father. May God Bless you with many moments this next year when you sense His Presence in very real ways.

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