Depression or Suppression?

Depression is a struggle that can be won. There were no antidepressants in Bible times. You need the Master Physician. 

Depression starts as a single thought. Nip that thought.

 Philippians 3:7

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”      Yes, it can be that simple; God’s plan. 

My mind was altered by the stroke. With my stroke I went through so many changes in my mind. I had a double bleed stroke; Subarachnoid and Intracranial bleeding damaged my brain. Every where the blood flowed it killed cells. This caused:

*Misfiring between healthy cells and dead cells they’re meant to connect to, which causes seizures. 

*Depression came from pain and lack of sleep and the misfirings. That electrical current connects wrong. This is ‘mis-wiring’, if you will. 

*Misprocessing of data input from the mis-wiring. (Think illusions. Your mind is altered. )
My doctors wanted me on antidepressants. They started arguing their case in the hospital. “You’re going to be depressed, suicidal.” I told them I’d let God handle my mind. They all but rolled their eyes and bit their tongues. 

Well, it’s all true. I have experienced all of them, multiple times. But, I tell them no. I do take the seizure meds because the misfiring of current between dead brain and healthy brain is like lightening bolts in your head. My right side is constantly in a “Novocain” state, sometimes numb, sometimes tingling, cold ‘awaking’. Annoying but, I’m working on it daily, re-wiring still. They say you have all you’re going to achieve by six months. They don’t know my Physician. Sometimes He means for your healing to be a journey, sometimes He commands it instantly. 

Some days I lose but, those days are lessening. My mind and body are healing in His time, by His plan. So no anti-depressants for me. They depress or, I should say, suppress the mind. They’re mind altering. That’s God’s job. 

When you see physically disabled people, crippled, living lives of pain, who are at peace and happy, and glorify God, they’ve allowed Him to win the battle of the mind. It’s always the people who understand the battle in the mind that defeat satan through The Holy Spirit. 

Sin alters the mind. What you put in multiplies in your mind and takes over, including drugs and alcohol. Brain cells are the only cells that don’t reproduce. Allow God’s Word to multiply in your mind and your heart will change and hide The Word within. 

All of the mind’s problems started with Adam and Eve, they wanted all the knowledge. It has always been the battle between God and satan. God took them out of the garden, away from the tree of knowledge. Now we have access to about 10%. Mostly, we all use the same 8% (+/-) to function. Each of us varies on the other 2%(+/-). That’s why we need each other to be one body in Christ. 

In the Bible every demon that was cast out was from the mind. That’s satan’s favorite hunting ground and target. Again, it all started with Adam and Eve. That’s why God allows us about 10% usage. 
Fortunately, He allows us to acquire more when we damage some. I’m back to 10%. I’m different because some of it is different. Some came from same type of cells so I can walk and talk, and basically have a normal life. Some didn’t (still working on those). 

I could let all of these changes, uncertainties, depress me. Sometimes it’s a struggle. But, The Holy Spirit wasn’t damaged or depressed from my stroke. Only I can suppress Him. It’s a choice. 
The condition of the heart is fed by the mind. That’s why satan wants control of your mind. Trust your mind to God. Use The Holy Spirit left here for us. Feed your mind with scripture, which is God’s sword to slay satan and his lies. 

(Notes: first, my verbal/language area was damaged. Please forgive the grammar and diminished writing skills. Second, the seizure meds make me “long-winded”. Hopefully, I was able to communicate all my thoughts without rambling. Lastly, I always use lower case in the name satan because he IS one. It is not an error).