The TRUTH; the Whole Truth …

… and nothing but

The Whole Truth

the truth, so help you God.  What is a lie?  It is the opposite of the truth.  Webster defines a lie as anything other than the truth.  It is like walking into a dark room and turning on the light.  Light and dark are exact opposites.

Teaching children about telling the truth is easy when you are only using words.  But, we know that kids watch all our actions and learn far more from our actions then our words.  Your children, your family, your friends, are watching you for the truth.  When you do not speak the truth, when you are silent and keep the truth from being known, you are lying.   Silence is not always golden, sometimes it is a lie.  It is withholding the truth.

I have already blogged about keeping Christ in Christmas, but I would like to take the next step and challenge you to not be silent.  Tell the truth.  Speak up and let your children see you taking a stand for the truth.  Exercise your ‘voice’ and make a difference.  Greet people with Merry Christmas.  Be ACTIVE and write companies that are leaving Christmas out of the holidays.  Oreo’s Christmas cookie is now a ‘winter’ cookie.  Starbucks put the Christmas Blend back on the market after complaints.  Have you found any CHRISTMAS paper and bags or is all you see ‘holiday’ wrappings.  No stars, no Bethlehem, wise men, or angels on wrapping this year.  You can find all kinds of cartoon paper though.

Stand up, use your voice.  Teach your children that silence is not always golden.  INaction IS an action!